Joshua Cole.

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Falling Out Of The Earth


I am falling,
Stuttering, shaken and unsure of the fate that awaits me in the next devieving lie.
Before me I see the shape of my soul,
Forever changing like the colour of the non existant.
I am a failed fairy tale,
My wings burnt by the sun,
Covered in skin, myself I am trapped.
Rising up from inside the earth,
All knowing, unforgiving,
Bitter and twisted.
This is her revenge.
Falling out of myself,
Out of mind, body and soul,
All alone in space and time,
Through inexistence I fall,
Going no where,
With no where to land,
This is my fate.
I am already dead,
This is my death. 
Roxanne Royer 
No happy ending


I Tried


How would it feel to be real?
To be cuddled and not feel pain
To cry from happiness and not from hurt and pain
Love and friendship, ha get a grip, you sad drip
Existence hey… is that what you want everyday? 

I see but am not seen
I have dreams but they have no means
I care, I see, I feel, that’s real

So many that suffer, I wish I could take it away like no other
This world is messed up, so much maybe I should give up
So many children hurt and abused. This is real, how do I deal?
Self harm used to help, now its past it and I feel no guilt
So much pain with nothing to gain, my head, the messed up brain
People walking and talking, I see there hurt, they are hurting 

How do take it all away for you? il hold it
Il take your sadness, your hurt your pain, but not to gain.
Hurt by others, now you hurt yourself. Come on don’t do this to yourself 

josh x


Mental Health Problems

Mental health problems are illnesses, 
The same as all health problems. 
If I were a diabetic, or had a heart condition, 
I would gain much sympathy and consideration. 
However, if I became depressed, 
At best, 
I'd be ignored. 
There are times when i feel down: 
I want to dig a hole and crawl into it. 
Being told to pull myself together does not help: 
After all, I am not a pair of curtains! 


Mood Changes

I can feel my mood changing,
I know soon I will start raging,
It’s the on come of my PMS,
It’s really making me feel the stress, I shout at everyone in my life,
Does this make me a bad mother and wife?

They all know signs,
PMS is in my eyes, I can feel that I’m frowning,
Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning,
I wish these feelings would got away,
So that I can enjoy my day, Why am I so down in the dumps,
I always seem to have to hump,

I just want to sit alone,
If no-ones around I can’t moan, PMS changes me as a person,
I snap at everyone for no reason,
I just hope that they all know,
Jus how much I love them so!! 



I just want to sit and cry, 
The slightest little thing set's me off, WHY?, 
What happens to me to make me feel so blue, 
Why does it happen to me, but not to you, 
I want to scream, I want to shout, 
I feel really bad without a doubt, 
I can't cope with everyday life, 
I have to though, I'm a mum and a wife, 
Some people just laugh and say cheer up, 
I just want to shout, shut up! Shut up! Shut up!, 
You don't understand how I'm feeling, 
PMS has got me reeling,

I'm usually quite loving and caring, 
But PMS gets me glaring, 
My family laugh, "It's the time of the Month" 
Just leave her alone, she's down in the dumps,

I just wish sometimes it would go away, 
At really bad times it can ruin my day, 
Sometimes I say things that are really bad, 
Afterwards it makes me feel so sad,

When PMS strikes, I feel like a freak, 
Why does it affect me for over a week?, 
It's not the real me, that people see, 
It's the PMS taking over me!!!

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